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Listen Radio Using These Google Chrome Extensions

Radio extensions for chrome

When I work on my computer, at the same time I listen a radio station and I learned many things while surfing on the web.

Even if occasionally I distracted for a few moments as the human brain can only focus on one thing at the same time. In this article I would like to share with you a top Google Chrome extensions which there are quite a few that allow you to listen to your favorite radio station.

Chrome Extensions to Listen Radio

Here's my personal list of best chrome extensions to listen online radio.

Chrome Radio Player

This is a beautiful radio extension that provides easy radio channels streaming through Google Chrome. Requires Windows Media Player or VLC media player plugin to stream online radio.

Live Radio

With this radio extension, you listen to almost all types of radio including pop, dance, rock, classical, alternative, and many other genres of music.

Radio Player Live

Another Chrome radio extension with advanced options such as:

  • A gallery radios add a click
  • Logo for each radio
  • Radio organization
  • Favorite stations
  • Access to website
  • Windows and Linux Support
  • Interface color Customization.

Aol Radio Extension

This is the most famous radio extension, it offers over 350+ Internet radio stations including music, news, sports and debate. Find the music you love & All new artists on one site.

XM Online Radio

This extension allows to their subscribers to listen to online radio channels and quick access. You are required to register to fill listen to the radio.

Jamendo Radio

This radio offers songs, a site that hosts music under license CC.Vous can also integrate into your website if you are webmaster, or you can just play the top 500 that appears at startup.

Radio Toolbar

This radio extension allows you to listen to the radio while surfing for free, you will be able to receive notifications via e-mail, no registration required, just install it and start using it.

Hope you enjoyed our Top 7 Google Chrome Radio Extesnions. Leave comments if you need help.

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This is satellite radio? It doesn't sound like any of the streaming radio services I'm aware of like spotify or torch music. Haven't listened to satellite radio in years!

Martha Victor

Chrome are without doubt doing the most innovative stuff on the web these days, in large web literacy war. Great and important work!

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Maria Smith

Chrome are without doubt doing the most innovative stuff on the web these days, in large web literacy war. Great and important work!

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