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Best 5 Top YouTube Extensions For Google Chrome

Top youtube extensions for chrome

YouTube is the world's most popular online video community. With YouTube, millions of people can discover, watch and share originally-created videos.

Also, people can connect, and share information across the globe. But with these best Google Chrome extensions for YouTube you can customize YouTube the way you want.

They can be very, very helpful for you in your daily Youtube usage.

#1: YouTube Options (YTO)

With YouTube Options you can get more control over your YouTube experience. It gives you the power to disable ads, annotations, and auto-play; change video resolution, display size, optional flash pre-buffering, looping / replay youtube videos, SSL, and full Cosmic Panda support.

YouTube Options extension

#2: YouTube Ratings Preview

The YouTube Ratings Preview extension shows the likes and dislikes bar over every video thumbnail, and saves your time of watching unimportant things.

YouTube Ratings Preview extension

#3: YouTube Feed extension

You should install YouTube Feed if you have subscribed to multiple channels on YouTube and if you like to be notified whenever new content is available.

YouTube Feed Chrome extension

#4: Magic Actions for YouTube

The Magic Action extension adds too many nice features to your YouTube experience: Sexy Backlight, AutoHD, Mouse Wheel Volume Control, Auto Wide and more!

Magic Actions extension for YouTube

#5: Auto HD Extension for Youtube

With AutoHD youtube extension for Chrome, all YouTube video start playing in HD. You can specify additionally if you want the player widened.

Auto HD for YouTube

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What is your favorite Youtube extension for Google Chrome?

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