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Google Dictionary Extension For Google Chrome [Review]

Google Dictionary Extension review

Google Dictionary extension for Chrome browser is extremely useful extension for reading on the web.

It allows you to search for a word or phrase's description within seconds.

All you need is just to select a word phrase to translate or discover its real meaning. This very useful chrome extension is made by Google. Read on for more details.

Google Chrome Dictionary Extension - versions and functions

  • Short version: Double click any word, and it will display the word's definition in a pop-up, or it will translate the foreign word automatically to your language of choice. It also adds audio pronunciation for some words and a reference link to the Google Dictionary page.
  • Longer version: You can highlight a word or phrase and then click Dictionary's icon to display a more extensive and detailed definition. The icon appears on any page in which this extension is active. The longer definition gives you pronunciation, synonyms, the type of a word, examples or web definitions.

Dictionary Extension for Google Chrome

Foreign languages

Google Dictionary extension supports several languages: Czech, Chinese, English, Dutch, French, Italian, German, Korean, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish. So, non-English speaking users can change the language in the extension option to get definitions in their language.

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Install Google Dictionary Extension in Chrome

To install this useful extension you need to visit Chrome Web Store vua this link.

This extension is easy to use, quick and very effective. That is why Google Dictionary is a Chrome extension that everyone should have.

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