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GMail Offline Extension for Google Chrome

Gmail offline extension

GMail Offline is application which allows you to work in offline mode, allowing mail to be read, archived, responded to and more

After you install this extension, Gmail Offline will synchronize all emails with your GMail account to be accessed directly from Google Chrome without Internet connection.

It is very useful to use, clean, with easy access to your Gmail folders.

How GMail Offline extension works

GMail Offline works by saving all the details to the computer. It will update anytime an Internet connection is available and Google Chrome browser is running. Sometimes it will update in the background, but sometimes when the application is opened. However, it will automatically synchronize messages and queued actions. And if you like to send any message while you are offline it will be placed in your outbox and automatically send when connection is detected.

Gmail offline chrome extension

GMail Offline functions

Without using the web you can read emails, reply, manage folders, use multiple accounts, archive or delete threads, download email from the past and even you can enable a vacation responder. This useful Google Chrome extension puts a totally new face on Gmail, making it more akin to the tablet version of the service. Gmail Offline has Gmail's famous filters and interface, so that it can help you organize incoming emails.

Install Gmail Offline app

You can install the Gmail offline extension from the Chrome Web Store. When you first use Gmail Offline app, you need to allow offline mail storage. And to get best experience using it, make sure that you are using the latest version.

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GMail Offline extension for chrome works great, it is very simple, useful and fast.

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