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Facebook Extension for Google Chrome

Chrome extension for Facebook

The Facebook extension for Chrome browser is one of the most popular Chrome extensions which is weakly downloaded from more than 34,000 users.

Very useful extension to stay connected and get Facebook notifications directly in your Google Chrome interface.

It allows incredibly easy and quick access to your Facebook news, notifications, friends and gives you opportunity to post status, links and more.

Facebook extension Benefits

The extension works in a similar way like your normal Facebook website, but the different mobile interface doesn't make you feel like running a heavy website. It is good to try if you want to do the basic stuff like updating your Facebook status, sharing photos, checking latest activity from your friends and chatting with them.

Facebook extension for Chrome Features & Functions

Facebook extension offers all the key features Facebook users look for. All the options are on the left side of the extension's drop down menu.

  • New Feeds: If you click on the extension's icon, it will pop open your News Feed. It looks very similar to what you see on, just without some of the extras.
  • Post: You can post a new status update. If you click this, it does not leave the Newsfeed. As an alternative, it pops out a box where you can type what you want.
  • Notification: It will pop out your notifications.
  • Birthday Option: Shows you upcoming birthdays for people on your friends list.
  • Photos: You will see a very nice Instagram-like feed with pictures recently shared by everyone on your Facebook list.

Facebook extension

How to install Facebook Extension in Google Chrome

Installing this extension is very easy, just go to this free web store link.

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Facebook extension is perfect for you If you love Chrome and Facebook. It is very fast and powerful. I highly recommend it.

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