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Chromebook Pixel Review, Performance, Features [Video]

chromebook pixel review

This week Google officially introduced to the world its new and amazing Chromebook Pixel, which this time is certainly a head taller than all the previous Chromebook versions.

In fact it is the most striking Chromebook laptop in the history of the Google. Even if you do not need a laptop based on the Google Chrome OS. Read our full Chromebook review, hardware, features and performance.

Google Chromebook Pixel Review

Chromebook Pixel is the first Chromebook laptop that combines powerful hardware and advanced technologies, the native software and excellent design. First of all, we should highlight the display screen with the highest pixel density of 239 pixels per inch (resolution of 2560 x 1700 pixels). That's more than any other laptop now.

chromebook pixel features, hardware

Having a 13-inch display, consisting of 4 million pixels, offers us not only the vivid color and sharp text, and excellent viewing angles (178 degrees). Add to that the touch screen with support for gestures (swipe, zoom), protected from scratches using Gorilla Glass technology.

Introducing the Chromebook Pixel from Google

The Chromebook body is made of anodized aluminum. The screws are hidden from your eyes. Another Chromebook feature is that the touchpad is made of glass, polished with microscopic precision. Plus a webcam with a resolution of 720p. Three microphones to maximize the filter extraneous noise. Plus full-range speakers, hidden under the keyboard equipped with backlighting.

The Google Chromebook Pixel reminds us Macbook pro. Virtually all is the same. And it's very great! Higher-quality cabinets, we have not seen them before. If there was achieved that high level, then doubly cool!

Chromebook performance

  • Processor: Intel ® Core ™ i5 (Dual Core 1.8GHz).
  • Graphics: Intel ® HD Graphics 4000.
  • RAM Memory: 4GB DDR3.

Other Chromebook features:

  • Dimensions: 297.7 x 224.6 x 16.2 mm.
  • Weight: 1.52 lbs.
  • SSD: 32 Gb (64 Gb in LTE version).
  • Connections: WiFi + Bluetooth (+ LTE)
  • Usb ports: 2 x USB 2.0

And all of this cost will be very expensive. Are you ready? Sales Chromebook Pixel begin in the U.S. and the UK at a price of 1299 dollars for the WiFi model and 1,449 dollars for LTE version.

Our Opinions about Chromebook Pixel

Chromebook Pixel is really Great! The best of them all. But the price ... really is inadequate compared to the Macbook pro and Macbook Air, which comes bundled with a full offline system (Mac OS X), SSD capacity for 128 or more, plus even when embedded USB 3.0 ports. It is clear that here the display is much better, but still expensive.

What are your opinions on this?

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