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Chrome App Launcher is Available for Windows Testing [Download]

Chrome App Launcher download

Who carefully reads HROM.RF, he should remember about the experiment Chrome App Launcher for windows, which created the task bar dedicated button to access to applications without the need to run the browser itself.

Now this experiment is available without special parameter and each user Dev and Canary versions (but only for Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows 8 users) can experience it. Read on to download Chrome App launcher.

How to install Chrome App Launcher

To do this, run a test version of Google Chrome and install any new application (for example, Love Is ... ). In this case, you are asked to use the Chrome App Launcher.

Download Chrome App Launcher

As you can see from the screenshot, to use this Quick Access Toolbar, you must be authorized in the Chrome browser. Go in and get our special taskbar button with quick access to all Chrome applications.

Install Chrome App Launcher Windows

All Google Chrome applications can be run directly from here. For example, all the same app Love is run in its own window and works almost as a system app.

Extremely cool Google Chrome feature? I am sure there are supporters of the button, as well as fierce opponents of extra more buttons. What do you think?

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