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5 Extensions to Save Web Content to Google Drive

best google drive extensions

Google Drive is well know as a free cloud storage service. Millions of users use this free & useful service which offers enough space to store everything they want. A reason why we use Google Drive is to store files in the "cloud" that can be accessed from anywhere.

Today we are posting a collection of five useful Chrome Extensions to Save Web Content directly to Google Drive.

Five Chrome Extensions to Save Content to Google Drive:

#1: Save To Drive:

This is the best Google chrome extension to save anything you want directly to Google Drive using your Google account and Chrome browser. Simply right click and choose save option to save all kinds of content to Google drive.

Save to drive chrome extension

Download & install: Chrome Web Store link

#2: Cloud Save:

This is a great extension that allows you to save web content easily in Google Drive. This extension supports all popular cloud storage services, including Google Drive. In the same way we can proceed to perform the backup task. Once you installed the extension, the right click option will be added automatically.

Cloud Save chrome extension

Download & install link: Chrome Web Store

#3: Snip to Drive:

Another very helpful Google Chrome extension that allows users to save web content directly into their Google drive account. Simply you need to select a part that you want to be "Snipped" and click on the icon of the extension.

Snip to Drive chrome extension

Download & install: Chrome Store link

#4: Gmail Attachments to Drive:

This Chrome extension comes with a different option and is reserved for Gmail users by allowing them to save files directly into Google drive service. By installing this Google Chrome extension, a new option will appear in Gmail Inbox to allow you to save your files to the Google Drive.

Gmail Attachments to Drive chrome extension

Download & install: Web Store link

#5: DriveIT:

This is a very simple and very useful extension allows us to save web content quickly and directly in Google Drive from the Google Chrome browser. Saving our favorite content into Google drive can be done just with a single right click and selecting the option "upload to Google Drive" from the menu.

DriveIT Google drive extension

Download & install: Chrome Web Store link

We hope that you liked one of these Google Drive extensions for chrome. What is your Favorite Google Drive extension?

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