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How to enable Nitro Javascript Engine for Google Chrome to iOS

install Nitro Javascript on Chrome

Google Chrome for iOS has a simple interface and tons of features including: bookmarks importing, opening tabs, passwords and forms. Due to these advantages, 25% of users of third-party browsers for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad have already switched to the Google Chrome.

Unfortunately, the pessimistic forecasts of a "Web Action" from the App Store confirmed: Apple does not allow Google to use the latest Nitro engine JavaScript in IOS.

Use Nitro Javascript Engine on your IOS device

Nitro JavaScript reduces the processing time more than two times, but Google had to settle out-dated version UIWebView, which does not allow her to compete in performance with the product Apple.

For security reasons, Apple doesn't allow the Javascript Engine to be used with other web browsers for iPhone and iPad.

However the jailbreak community always have solutions for our jailbroken devices. Using the Nitrous jailbreak tweak you can enable the access to the Nitro Javascript, and your Chrome browser can work much better.

How to use Nitrous app to enable the Javascript Engine

This jailbreak tweak that would enable Nitro JavaScript for Google Chrome, is waiting since the release of the Chrome browser for iOS. The developer of Nitrous - Joe Jordan went ahead and released a solution to enable fast engine for any third-party applications on the iPhone and iPad, including clients for Twitter and Facebook. You need to go to the Nitrous settings and enable the Nitro javascript for your favorite app.

Download Nitrous for your iOS device

The Nitrous tweak can be downloaded directly from Cydia just for $0.99.

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