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Google Chrome for iOS received support for Passbook and PDF files

Chrome for iOS PDF

Google has released a new updated version of Chrome browser for iOS with Passbook support and reading files in PDF format. The updated browser also contains a number of changes aimed at improving the stability and safety.

Updated Chrome browser allows you to open PDF files in third-party applications on the iPhone and iPad. In addition, Google announced Passbook files support, with which you can keep the boarding passes and tickets.

The latter feature provides the ability to open attachments with .pkpass extension from the Web in your iOS 6.1 device. Also, the developers have improved the stability and security of work and fixed a number of bugs.

Users continue to argue about which web browser for iPhone and iPad is better - Chrome or standard Safari. For performance, Safari, of course, as it has exclusive access to the engine Nitro JavaScript. A key feature of a mobile application Google - full integration with the desktop version of the browser. All information (bookmarks, passwords, history of web sites) in the smartphone can sync with your computer, and remotely access your smartphone to a browser running on a desktop PC.

Download Chrome for iOS

You can download the updated version directly from iTunes using this link.

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