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Download Google Chrome 24.0.1312.71 Stable for Windows

Download google chrome stable

This is stable corporate update (msi) version of Google Chrome version 24.0.1312.71 for Windows 7, 8 and XP users. This update contains many features, but the most important is that this is official and last Stable version of Google Chrome browser for Windows.

The assembly contains a new version of the Flash plug-in (11.6.602.167). Other versions and platforms (except Linux) have updated the plugin without updating your browser. Jump after the break for download links.

Download Google Chrome for Android Devices

download chrome for android

Owners of Android devices can rejoice again! The most popular in browser in the world, Google Chrome is now at their disposal. Device synchronization, loading and zooming web pages are executed at lightning speed. Use the tips and enter search queries directly into the address bar.

The result did not take so long. User-friendly interface allows you to create unlimited number of tabs to flip through pages as fascinating book, and switch between the mini.

Tip: Use Google Chrome to view PDF Files

Read PDF files with Chrome

Many users of Google Chrome browser surely know that the browser is able to open PDF files in its own viewer. This is useful when we need to see the document found on the internet.

But you can go even further: to use Google Chrome to open PDF files on your computer instead of our usual Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader? Read on to watch the video to know whether Google chrome can be used as standard PDF file reader software.

How to enable Nitro Javascript Engine for Google Chrome to iOS

install Nitro Javascript on Chrome

Google Chrome for iOS has a simple interface and tons of features including: bookmarks importing, opening tabs, passwords and forms. Due to these advantages, 25% of users of third-party browsers for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad have already switched to the Google Chrome.

Unfortunately, the pessimistic forecasts of a "Web Action" from the App Store confirmed: Apple does not allow Google to use the latest Nitro engine JavaScript in IOS.

Google Chrome for iOS received support for Passbook and PDF files

Chrome for iOS PDF

Google has released a new updated version of Chrome browser for iOS with Passbook support and reading files in PDF format. The updated browser also contains a number of changes aimed at improving the stability and safety.

Updated Chrome browser allows you to open PDF files in third-party applications on the iPhone and iPad. In addition, Google announced Passbook files support, with which you can keep the boarding passes and tickets.

Chrome Download Enabler: Download files with Chrome [iOS]

chrome download enabler

A few months ago was released interesting Cydia tweak with an interesting name Chrome Download Enabler. This tweak allows to users of iOS mobile devices to download files directly from the Chrome browser for iOS.

This updated version of the tweak is stable and work fine. Note also that the Chrome Download Enabler is somewhat different from the download enabler tweak for Safari.

Download and Install Google Chrome on iPhone 5 iOS 7

install Chrome on iPhone 5

Google has released a new updated version of the most popular Chrome browser for IOS 7, which has received support for the latest smartphone model in the "Apple" line, the iPhone 5.

In addition, the updated browser contains a number of changes, improving the stability and safety.

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