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Download Chrome Cleanup Tool

Download Chrome Cleanup Tool

Chrome cleanup tool is a free tool to remove the malicious content from your Google Chrome browser.

A tool that successfully fight with all suspicious software in your Google Chrome browser, like a ads, toolbars, startup pages, pop-up windows (pop-ups), or something like that.

Listen Radio Using These Google Chrome Extensions

Radio extensions for chrome

When I work on my computer, at the same time I listen a radio station and I learned many things while surfing on the web.

Even if occasionally I distracted for a few moments as the human brain can only focus on one thing at the same time. In this article I would like to share with you a top Google Chrome extensions which there are quite a few that allow you to listen to your favorite radio station.

Best 5 Top YouTube Extensions For Google Chrome

Top youtube extensions for chrome

YouTube is the world's most popular online video community. With YouTube, millions of people can discover, watch and share originally-created videos.

Also, people can connect, and share information across the globe. But with these best Google Chrome extensions for YouTube you can customize YouTube the way you want.

They can be very, very helpful for you in your daily Youtube usage.

Picasa Extension for Google Chrome browser [install]

Picasa Extension is a great extension that gives you quick access to Picasa Web Albums features. It is a fast and easy way to share your photos and videos online.

By adding this chrome extension, the time required to access your online photos and videos reduces drastically. Each Google account gets 1GB of free storage. Read on to install Picasa extension for chrome.

My Chrome Theme Extension to Create Custom Chrome themes

my chrome theme extension

My Chrome Theme is widely used extension by the Google Chrome users, because it offers you to personalize your browser by creating custom themes using your own designs and images.

You can use your favorite images or wallpapers to customize Chrome's appearance.

Read on for more info on how to make your own chrome themes.

Google Maps Extension for Google Chrome [Install]

Google Maps extension

Google maps is one of the most valuable and most useful free services from the technology giant — Google.

In the same context, Google Maps is one of the most popular and very useful Google Chrome extension that helps you to open your favorite map, just by clicking on the icon in your Google Chrome interface.

It provides easy to use mapping technology and local business information.

Google Calendar Extension for Google Chrome

Google Calendar Extension

The Google Calendar extension for Chrome helps you to organize your schedule, so you can pay attention to all your important events.

You can check your calendar without leaving the page, and add new events very easily. Google Calendar is wonderful time-saving extension.

Read on to know why we recommend you to install this very useful extension it in Google Chrome browser.

GMail Offline Extension for Google Chrome

Gmail offline extension

GMail Offline is application which allows you to work in offline mode, allowing mail to be read, archived, responded to and more

After you install this extension, Gmail Offline will synchronize all emails with your GMail account to be accessed directly from Google Chrome without Internet connection.

It is very useful to use, clean, with easy access to your Gmail folders.

Top 5 Chrome Extensions to Convert Web Page to PDF

best webpage to pdf extensions

PDF converters, office programs, online applications, plugins and extensions - there are many today.

If you use Google chrome you can use Chrome extensions that allow you to create and convert PDF files from any type of online content.

I propose the following must used and free web to PDF extensions which are quite easy and very practical.

Facebook Extension for Google Chrome

Chrome extension for Facebook

The Facebook extension for Chrome browser is one of the most popular Chrome extensions which is weakly downloaded from more than 34,000 users.

Very useful extension to stay connected and get Facebook notifications directly in your Google Chrome interface.

It allows incredibly easy and quick access to your Facebook news, notifications, friends and gives you opportunity to post status, links and more.

5 Extensions to Save Web Content to Google Drive

best google drive extensions

Google Drive is well know as a free cloud storage service. Millions of users use this free & useful service which offers enough space to store everything they want. A reason why we use Google Drive is to store files in the "cloud" that can be accessed from anywhere.

Today we are posting a collection of five useful Chrome Extensions to Save Web Content directly to Google Drive.

Google Dictionary Extension For Google Chrome [Review]

Google Dictionary Extension review

Google Dictionary extension for Chrome browser is extremely useful extension for reading on the web.

It allows you to search for a word or phrase's description within seconds.

All you need is just to select a word phrase to translate or discover its real meaning. This very useful chrome extension is made by Google. Read on for more details.

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